Payroll Processing

Our payroll processing service involves the calculation, procedures, and payments of all fixed or variable remuneration for our clients’ employees.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is aimed at maintaining a close identification between employees and the company, with the goal of fostering loyalty and satisfaction among outsourced talent. Focus on the profitability of your business; we’ll handle the rest.

Human Team

We have a team of high-level professionals with extensive experience, trained and equipped with cutting-edge technological tools, allowing us to organize and meet the payment deadlines required by the client.


We maintain continuous communication with the client, facilitating conflict resolution and providing clarity on any concerns the parties may have regarding payroll management or Human Resource administration.

Real Benefit

Our client companies can focus exclusively on their core business, with the assurance that the confidentiality and ethics of our process will be key to success.

Values and Principles

Arden & Price respects and applies all benefits for employees within Panamanian labor legislation.